Breakthrough 101 Sessions

To be a creator can be both exhilarating and frustrating. On one hand, you get to channel your divine self into this reality and offer something truly unique to the world. But unlike other careers, there are no clear steps to follow. You’re charting the way as you go, and for a lot of Divine Rebels, this translates into anxiety, frustration, and stress.

If this is true for you, then this is great news! This is a sign of growing pains and means that you are ready for something more that is in tune with your rich inner self.

Rebecca’s mix of innate gifts and unique skill set will help you set up a roadmap that’s tailor made for you and your mission.

The one-on-one sessions get rid of all the guesswork and heavy lifting so you can soar towards your destiny with a joyful heart full of wonder.

What’s The Methodology?


60% Integrated Empowerment.
30% Inner Mastery for Outer Impact
10% Practical Segment

I’m Determined To Step Into My Purpose!

"Embrace your gifts to better serve the world with joy!"