Who’s Magic Café For?

What Is Magic Café?

Magic Café is a one-hour dive, group-coaching call, guided by Rebecca England to bring to light those little pebbles that get in the way of grace and carbonated holiness.

It’s a place where Divine Rebels can come home to be themselves, have fun and learn tools to take their light to the next level.

Some benefits you’ll feel after Magic Café:

  • A very much needed sense of community with like-minded souls.
  • Deep dive into what's blocking you from becoming your best self.
  • Tips and exercises to better yourself every day.
  • A monthly check-in with yourself. It's easy to get carried away by the routine and go astray from your heart, this is a chance to take a breather and get back on track.
  • Time for yourself! A whole hour carved out to discuss YOUR needs and feelings.
Count Me In!

"One woman standing in her power changes our world."