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533 Ashland Ave.
Santa Monica Ca 90405

Deeper Mission + Freer Heart Group Program

  Join this 3 Month program starting in early 2019 with a group of like minded women to support each other on your journey. This program is tailored for you, the Change-Makers+Creators+Divine Rebels. We will build a tribe together and you will find your focus again, have greater impact, and do it your way with laughter and joy.

My mission is to be of service to as many Change-Makers, Creators, and Divine Rebels as possible in order to transform our world. For the first time ever In order to honor my values of justice, inclusion, and service I am offering a limited number of scholarships for this program. Apply now for the Deeper Mission+Freer Heart program. Let’s get you starting 2019 out with this superboost. Check out the program outline below and contact me with any questions!

Week 1

Intro of why I am here my mission & why we are here together

the learning of saboteurs and what to be on the lookout for with these slippery characters

Where & how the power animal can serve you on your journey

Intro to values

Mini journey: Standing Tall NOW


Tease apart values/discern yours versus ones imposed upon you

Week 2

Deepening mission debrief

Goal setting (Topic)

What are goals vs dreams

What is your personal mission that would make your life worth living

What secret dream are you carrying?


Mini-journey: Harnessing Your Mission



Clarity on why you are doing it

Supercharged/ reinvigorated

More prominent sense of belonging via your meaningful life

Week 3

Deepening Your Mission debrief

Explore belief systems (Topic)

What is true for you today ( what was taught may not hold true today)

What they never taught us ( topic)

intuition/senses versus instincts

Where it comes from

True Confidence vs False Ego

How to access “true” confidence when needed

The courage to be confident

Mini journey #1 Heart catching on fire

            Mini journey #2 Courage Trail


recalibrated senses  

Kick ass decisiveness

Confidence and trusting of self

Week 4

Freeing Heart debrief

Self Confidence- when to not give a F*K (topic)

Culture awareness bias

Being on a Mission ( divine rebel) versus being a rebel rebel

Real women breaking barriers+not apologizing for it

What is your superpower/gifts?

Mini journey: Breaking new barriers


Recalibrate goals that will be in alignment with YOU

Confidence empowered and supercharged

Inspired possibilities

Knowing that you are on the right path or creating your new path that is perfect for you. Your outer world is reflecting your inner world more and more.


Week 5

Deepening Your Mission debrief

Belonging, & self acceptance  (topic)

Why belonging matters/ why you matter

Where do you belong / who to / with what?

Who do you need to forgive to move forward? What do you need to forgive yourself for?

            Mini journey: Bad JuJu Up In Smoke



A Clean house to start anew

Getting rid of old shame/releasing old thoughts

Knowing that you belong right where you are

Week 6:

Freeing Your Heart debrief

Protecting your best asset (topic)

Boundaries - yes, really, boundaries especially for empaths or those that are pleasers

What are boundaries/structures for boundaries/what happens when a boundary is crossed

Empaths- protecting self from others emotions/expectations of you -  how to cleanse the world’s emotions when needed--

Mini journey #1 Big Loving Boundaries

Mini journey #2 DIY Protection Ritual

Mini journey #3 Post Hi-jack cleanse


Trusting  yourself

Not being taken off guard by others ( as much or as hard)

More Impact where you want it

More Love and more Joy

Week 7:

Creating more JOY debrief

Conforming to yourself (topic)

Where have you chosen to conform outside yourself vs being true to yourself

Where you are choosing yourself ( besides here )

Saying yes and saying no/ having choice at every step

Check in with goals and who/what they conform to

Mini journey: Inner/Outer Journey Mapping


Walking with sure footedness for decisions that are in total succinct alignment with self

Strength during times of fear

Integrating power of self

More choices/ resilience

Week 8

  Freer Heart Debrief

Living above the line (topic)

neuroscience/ chakras ( staying above level 4)


Joy and gratitude

Mindfulness practice of  any form

Opening to learning from perceived failure

Mini journey#1: Mapping your path

Mini journey#2: Finding your treasure



Higher Awareness of self

Feeding self

Non attachment or forcing outcomes

Living with magic unfolding daily ( who doesn’t want THAT?)

Week 9

Creating more Joy debrief

Integrating self power (topic)

Completion of integration

Where are you in your goals?

Bringing it all home… walking in beauty with a wonder-filled heart

Whats next... deepening the journey of the soul



Two of my true values are being of service and inclusiveness. I want coaching accessible to as many women as possible. In order to honor this and my values I am accepting scholarship applications for my Deeper Mission + Freer Hearts program.