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1401 Park Ave. #505
United States


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It’s Time to Create an Amazing (and Sustainable) Place of Business.


As a life coach, business coach and thought-partner for women, I am here to help you express yourself through your work.


1) Quit hiding your gifts. Finally accept them, and even embrace them. No matter how quirky they may be! They will help you build, guide, and develop your business.


2) Intersect your innate gifts with all of your learned wisdom. Unleash your strategizing mind and to take action to finally feel solid on your path. I’ll show you your roadmap.


3) Discover personal integration of mind, body, and spirit. Integration of self will help you guide a holistic, service-driven business. That’s where true, lasting transformation resides.


I offer coaching and consulting to help female entrepreneurs (especially in the wellness and beauty industries) start new businesses, develop healthy business growth and offer guidance for leading a culture of aligned professionals.


When you sign up for coaching with me, we enter into a sacred partnership.


I’m here to help you unlock your personal magic.


Your innate strengths, your personal leadership, and the vision to create an amazing business that inspires a supportive workplace atmosphere -- all while helping you deeply serve your clients.


Do you want to feel more free in your work, and your life?


That’s why you wanted to work for yourself in the first place, right?


As an entrepreneur and business coach (with thousands of hours of paid experience in working with women), I’m here to translate unknowns and uncertainties about business strategy and team-leading so you can feel more free in your business while remaining fully present and mindful of how you are creating your business.


To find more freedom in your business, you have to be mindful that you’re co-creating the work and personal relationships all around you in your life. How do you hang onto the ones that feel "right " to you? How do you make changes when you’ve outgrown others?


It’s not only possible to grow and sustain a small business. It’s possible for it to even feel like running it is… effortless.  Like magic.


When you sign up for coaching with me, we’ll walk through a heart-centered and totally authentic coaching process together that explores, defines and supports your business.


It goes like this...

1. Create a clear vision statement and a mission statement (or, revisit your own!). By connecting to your deep "why" and "how" of what you are doing, you possess ongoing reminders and motivation so you’ll never again feel like you’ve lost your direction.


2. Identify where in the “natural business life-cycle” your business currently is, why, and what strategies and needs will help progress your business forward in the life-cycle.


3. Pinpoint specific goals, define them with integrity and create a realistic timeline to achieve them. Gentle accountability and a smart plan of action will help you tackle goals both big and small with time, patience and determination


4. Uncover your leadership style so you can really lean into your innate way of serving. We’ll also explore other styles of leadership that might help expand your own skills, and inspire greater business impact.


5. Explore the inner assets (your strengths) and what outter assets (resources, your relationships and so much more) are always available to you to help support you and sustain your business. More than you might realize!


6. Brainstorm specific ways to leverage your inner- and outer-assets to the fullest extents that you can, and how to treat the gaps or spaces where you need support in your business.


7. Define and understand your “fallback” operating system when you are in conflict or struggle. By understanding our own roles in relationships, and how we react in situational tendencies and habits, you expand your toolbox for dealing with problem situations and your ability to resolve workplace conflicts.


8. Put it all into action! Keep accountable to yourself and your dreams for finally “doing it” with my support to help you along the way!


In addition to guiding you from tons of experiences, I love to guide my clients through a smart and well-rounded plan to approach your business with care and help it grow.



...can you start to see the path of “what’s possible” unfolding before you?

One Woman Standing in Her Power is Enough to Change Our World.


Are you ready to step into yours?


(The answer, darling, is yes!)


I’ve heard it all. All the stories. All the worries. Every failure and fear.


In fact, I live for them.


I yearn for yours.


Because I know how close your triumph is… I know how to break through the wall with you.


I know how much love, care, and desire is in your heart. There’s even more goodness, waiting to be released. Let’s open it and share your gifts with the world.


More success, ease and magic await.


Reach out to me today!


Email me directly at to reach out, say hello and introduce yourself. 


We’ll discuss where you are and what your needs are like.


As your coach, I will guide you through the smart, integrated, and truly YOU approach to business. Freedom awaits. Let’s align your life, business and relationships, for the better.


Get soul-centered decisionmaking. Find heart-focused integrity.


They’re there, within you.


I’m here to help you unearth them -- and point them -- towards your biggest goals and dreams.


Magic awaits,

- Coach Rebecca CPCC ACC

What they are saying about Rebecca:

"My take away from working with Rebecca is the change in how I respond in the midst of conflict. It has been 6 months since I completed working with her and I still think of her questions. When I find myself in a challenging spot and recall the questions I find the solutions that help everyone involved win. It was well worth the time spent working with Rebecca. "


"I really enjoyed our session. I feel that you have a great talent and am pleased to have been able to experience this on a different level. Thank you"

~Jill E.

"How strange and delightful to discover that I am more than I ever realized! Life is more vivid, rewarding and satisfying with you guiding me along the path. You have amazing ability to draw out the truth in me!"

~Valorie S.