Spread The Gratitude!


What are you grateful for right now? Whatever comes to mind, say “Thank You” to that thing, or person, or experience. 

Your challenge for this week is that simple. Ask yourself at least once each day. 

The more often you practice gratitude the better! 



It’s important to strengthen your gratitude muscles, especially during challenging times. Gratitude helps us generate positive energy, making it a powerful abundance attractor. 


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A Deep Breath To Keep On Changing The World


Just breathe. This week’s challenge is that simple: Just remember to breathe. But sometimes it really is a challenge to remember the simple things!


The Quickest, Safest, Most Natural Stress Reliever


We all feel stress, especially as divine rebels here to change the world.

With the work we do on ourselves and in our businesses, the world needs us.

Burnout is real; feeling overwhelmed is common.

Simply remembering to bring awareness to the breath even if only for a moment,...

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Be A Unique Divine Rebel... Be you!


'No matter where in the world you are, or what you're doing, you belong here, now. You.

There is a magic about you that is all of your own. Uniquely yours. You are unrepeatable.

You matter in our world, and you belong here and now, in this very moment.

In all the moments of your life, you belong, exactly as you are.

When you understand this deeply and truly, it unleashes the freedom and magic of being you.'

This week’s challenge explores exactly how to do that.


Who’s You?


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Let Your Inner Divine Rebel Rise


The word of the week is Rise. What does that mean to you, “Rise”? 

In the absence of challenges, you rise a little higher into your true self and to your better being. When challenges are present, you rise above them. Your challenge for the week is to remember this word “rise” as you encounter different challenges from life. 

To rise is to bring your vibration up more and to bring yourself more fully into awareness and love. 

How to Rise 



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Let's Find Some Joy...


Happiness is fleeting, but joy is a deeper contentment connected to your inner self. Finding your joy can help you navigate the challenges of life.

Take a moment to really think about this: What is joy to you? 

Finding joy is your challenge of the week, so let’s get really clear about what joy is and where to find it. 

Joy is deeper than happiness. It is a deep contentment that lives in that river-internal place where we can dip our cups and drink from, filling our hearts to...

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Be Wonder-Full!

Rebecca - WONDER.png

How can an experience of wonder help you in your life? Creating more opportunities to experience wonder is your challenge for this week. 

Do you remember those days that you were just free? Riding your bike all day, showing up at home just in time for dinner? Childhood is that precious time in our lives when the spirit of wonder comes to us so naturally. This week’s Challenge is to experience that wonder again. 

What is wonder for you? For me, wonder is about being able to...

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How To Feel Freer?

Rebecca - Freedom.png

Today the topic is “Freedom”, such a big word, and such an important concept. Let's get right into it!

Locked In Our Own Prison

Let’s start with what is NOT freedom. For example, feeling bound or imprisoned, when there is something not allowing you to get what you want and to be who you want. It is easy to build your own cave and become a victim of your mindsets, and those caves are built with the help of people that are not kind to you or told you you...

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How Laughter Can Help You Shift Perspectives

Business_Headshots_Rebecca_England_Oct_2014_Laurie_Passey_Photography-6_RTCRopped copy (1).jpg

This week topic and challenge is “laughter”. I love to talk about this, because as divine rebels and change makers it is always necessary to remind ourselves of the power of laughter. 

The old adage says “laughter is the best medicine”, and it is so true and important to bare in mind in our daily life.

Take Laughter Seriously!

Sometimes, especially when we are going through difficult times, we tend to forget about laughter, and it’s then when we need it...

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Bring Some Magic To Your Life!


Today’s topic and weekly challenge is one of my favourites, “Magic”,  where you can find it and how you can make your life more magical. 


What is magic?

Magic is not tangible or measurable, therefore it tends to be disregarded in our societies, while other cultures really honor the unseen forces.  Magic is something that can be elusive at times, because we can’t put our hands on it, and that is why it’s a concept that I really love diving...

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Flex Your Confidence Muscles!

Magic! (1).png

Today’s topic is “Confidence”. Where do we get it? What is true confidence? What is the difference between ego and trusting your gifts? What is stopping us from being self confident?


Be aware of your skill sets and trust them! 


I think with most of my clients what happens is that they are afraid of being egotistical or narcissist if they are really confident. There is a difference between ego and just trusting yourself and admitting you have gifts.


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