Love All Of Your Pieces ♥

December (1)

Welcome to this week's Unlocking Your Magic. Integrated empowerment is our topic this week. A couple of big words, and what is it and why will it unlock your magic? 

First off, integrated is where all of the parts of you (because we all have many many parts of ourselves) are working together, it's integrated. Integration is when all of the parts of you are working together as one cohesive part, one oneness. 

And what is empowerment? Empowerment is feeling free, feeling completely at ease in wh…

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Be Nice With Yourself ALWAYS ♥


This week on Unlocking Your Magic the topic is mercy.

The reason I chose this topic is that a few weeks ago, everywhere I turned, the word mercy was coming to me, and I had to stop and really think about what does mercy mean to me? What's goin' on? What is mercy? Mercy. So, let's unlock mercy for YOUR magic. According to the dictionary Mercy is kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or towards others. Charity, clemency, grace, all fall under the meaning of mercy. 

I go back to my child…

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Get Clear on YOUR Values

November (1)

In this week’s conversation on Unlocking YOUR magic the topic is VALUES. 

This is one of my all-time favorite topics because I have seen values change everything for my clients! I have seen first hand how it has transformed lives, has built self-confidence, makes decision making stress free and easy breezy. It's an insight into your superpower and your gifts that you bring into the world.

Another interesting thing I would like to talk about values is in business. I've gone to many conventions …

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This week on unlocking YOUR magic, we are going to talk about boundaries. It's a little bit of a new topic because as I usually stay in joy, love, laughter, awe, freedom, and connection. I really want to look at boundaries. It is an important topic to invite more of the above mentioned into your life and it has really been coming up for me this past year. My hope is that you get something out of it.

Being a Divine Rebel, you are possibly an empath because you see where the world needs healing a…

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It takes your breathe away!


We are going to unlock the magic this week with awe and wonder!

Being a Divine Rebel I know you have felt wonder and have shown plenty of awe. Especially as a child. Unfortunately,for most of us as we grow up  awe and wonder are not highly valued in our society. I am proposing to you that awe and wonder are a must for you to feel fully alive in these times. 

The first question is "what is awe and wonder?" The best I can describe it as is: When we are present in awe we are aware of so much more…

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Feeling Grate-Full?

Template October

Unlock the magic this week with...Gratitude. 

What can you be truly, honestly, 100% to your bones be grateful for today and this week?  Gratefulness doesn't work unless you really feel it, unless you feel it into your core. There's been so much science around it, and it's unmistakable that it improves our lives. The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley has shown how gratitude changes your brain

There are so many books out there on the law of attraction. That …

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Celebrate Your Goals

Template October (3)

Divine Rebels are non-conforming change-makers. We are women here to make the world a better place through social justice, health and wellness, and our own inner powers. And we need confidence to help us achieve our important work!

What is Confidence?

You’ve already learned that the foundation of confidence is trust in yourself. It develops naturally when time and energy spent honing your skills grows into unconscious competence. This is confidence.

Ignoring Naysayers

Unfortunately in our cu…

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Let Magic Happen!

Template October (2)

You know--you know when you've been struck by magic.

It tickles you. It's delightful.

It’s something you might never have thought could happen, happening.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Because magic is intangible, a lot of times it's dismissed as “woo-woo.” But magic is real and it is powerful. For those who believe in it, good things come.

Do you believe in magic? Do you want magic? Can you identify evidence of magic in your life?

You have to believe in magic for magic to come to you. It’s lik…

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Thank You For Being A Divine Rebel

Template October (1)

The words “thank you” are a byproduct of gratitude, one of your superpowers.

Because gratitude is so important to your happiness, it’s always good to review. In fact, the more we keep gratitude in the front of our minds, the greater its powers grow!

Your Challenge of the Week: Write a Thank You Note

Writing thank you notes is one way to strengthen the power of gratitude.

You can accept this week’s challenge by writing just one for the week, or challenge yourself to write one every day! It ca…

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Smile With Your Heart ♥


I know it sounds lightweight but it totally is not. A smile on your face doesn’t just brighten up your mood, it positively impacts the lives of those around you, too.

Your challenge this week is not only to smile more, but to notice all of your emotions, name them, and smile at them. Give them a little bit of love. 

Smile in The Face of Challenge

When life throws challenges at us, it isn’t always easy to smile through it all. But you've had challenges before. You have overcome so much. You're a…

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