Be Nice With Yourself ALWAYS ♥


This week on Unlocking Your Magic the topic is mercy.

The reason I chose this topic is that a few weeks ago, everywhere I turned, the word mercy was coming to me, and I had to stop and really think about what does mercy mean to me? What's goin' on? What is mercy? Mercy. So, let's unlock mercy for YOUR magic. According to the dictionary Mercy is kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or towards others. Charity, clemency, grace, all fall under the meaning of mercy. 

I go back to my childhood when my brother would wrestle me down and get me in a headlock. I'd have to cry mercy to have him release me. Which is a great metaphor. So, let's just think about that. Somebody's got you in a headlock. You need to cry mercy to get out of it. We do that to ourselves. 

What I ask of you is to not only having mercy towards others, but most importantly, self-mercy. Mercy towards ourselves.  What we don't give to ourselves, we do not have to give to anybody else. When we live and give ourselves self-mercy and know how to forgive ourselves and give ourselves grace, to have self-compassion, we build so many muscles ( resilience being one). When we can call mercy for ourselves, we can in turn be more compassionate, show more grace, and show more mercy towards others when they are in a headlock.

To show mercy towards ourselves and others is an important part of being a Divine Rebel. It's being a rebel with a cause. So, this week, let's just start by using the word mercy and thinking about it. Where do you show mercy towards yourself?  

  • Do you give yourself time for a good lunch?
  • Do you give yourself mercy by walking away from your desk and taking a walk around the block?
  • Do you give yourself mercy by staying home and not going out? Or by going out and not staying home? 

Take a  look at where your soul is and where you are really needing to give yourself a little more self-mercy. 

Acknowledge showing yourself self-mercy and celebrate that! Watch your magic appear.

Have fun, be kind to yourself, and check out my program “Divine Rebel Mastery” where along with a force of other Divine Rebels you will gain inner mastery for outer impact and freedom. Starting in January for your new decade AND I am offering scholarships!


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