Get Clear on YOUR Values

November (1)

In this week’s conversation on Unlocking YOUR magic the topic is VALUES. 

This is one of my all-time favorite topics because I have seen values change everything for my clients! I have seen first hand how it has transformed lives, has built self-confidence, makes decision making stress free and easy breezy. It's an insight into your superpower and your gifts that you bring into the world.

Another interesting thing I would like to talk about values is in business. I've gone to many conventions of women in small business for my coaching career. Every single Keynote Speaker I have listened to talks about when they aligned themselves with their real values, is when their businesses became successful. It went into their mission, it went into their vision statements, it is how they operate. They hired, they fired, they made all of their decisions from if it was in alignment with their values. So when we know what our values are and we can stand upon them, making decisions, are super-easy peasy. It takes all the guesswork out. 

We all have different operating systems and when we understand our very own operating system ( our values) the world changes. To unlock your own personal magic, it's important to find your internal core values, the ones that you live and breathe by and  that you cannot live without.

Searching for your core values can be challenging. You are walking around with them all the time so it’s difficult to really see them. Others, however, see them clearly. People feel your values, other people are able to see how you operate, it's just hard to decipher them on our own.

Here are a few tips on claiming your values: 

  • Ask around. Ask a few trusted allies what are 3-5 words you’d use to describe me? 
    Let the love flow and see what shows up. Take what “feels” right to you. 
  • Think about a time when you overcame a challenge. What helped you or what did you lean on during this time? 
    This helps with clarity on specific words for values.
  • Counter-intuitive as it seems ask yourself “what really frustrates me”? 
    This is a window in as we only become upset when our values are being disrespected or steam rolled over the top of. Example: you may get upset/ frustrated/ indignant/ angry about injustice or unfairnesses. This points you to looking at justice or fairness being a value. 

Once you have a few that really resonates within you start using them as your guide. Just asking a small question and measure your choices by one particular value. 
See what magic is awaiting and ready to happen just for you.  

I’d love to hear about YOUR magic- please feel to reach out with your Aha moments so I can celebrate with you ♥

Have fun, be kind to yourself, and check out my program “Divine Rebel Mastery” where along with a force of other Divine Rebels you will gain inner mastery for outer impact and freedom. Starting in January for your new decade AND I am offering scholarships!




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