It takes your breathe away!


We are going to unlock the magic this week with awe and wonder!

Being a Divine Rebel I know you have felt wonder and have shown plenty of awe. Especially as a child. Unfortunately,for most of us as we grow up  awe and wonder are not highly valued in our society. I am proposing to you that awe and wonder are a must for you to feel fully alive in these times. 

The first question is "what is awe and wonder?" The best I can describe it as is: When we are present in awe we are aware of so much more than ourselves. We realize that we are a part of an incredible universe that is so much bigger than us.

Why is wonder and awe important you ask? What’s the big deal with awe? When you are in awe, what happens in our body and in our brain is that we shed our ego, which is huge. It just disappears! When the ego is not taking up so much space generosity flourishes. It expands our generosity. It also connects us more deeply to the big picture, to the world around us, to people around us, and to our mission. It expands us and it creates more room for connection and generosity. Which we all need a little more of these days. This my dear Divine Rebel is the place to recharge or self heal in the midst of your work of changing the world. AWE is like rain for the desert. 

 Where do we find wonder? I was thinking about this topic today and I was thinking nature which is an easy go to. Nature, watching the stars or a comet show. Going out and just looking at a spider web, walking in a green space... I was thinking anything NOT man-made and then I realized woahhh, wait a minute... there have been pieces of art that have stopped me in my tracks and have brought wonder to my soul. That somebody could create this is awe inspiring. Also, architecture is inspiring to me. I also get awe when I hear a small child’s unhindered laughter. I want to tell you also that I am in awe of my Divine Rebels when I am coaching them. You are the Divine Rebel: working for justice and making our world better day by day. This is truly wonder- your love for humanity.

What I'm going to ask you to do is to go find your wonder and awe again. The place(s) you can just be very present in that moment. Is it in nature? Is it at an art gallery? Traveling to a new place? Is it being with your dog? Is it being with your family? Or is it sharing a meal with others? Wherever it is that turns wonder on for you watch how it expands you this week.

Join us at the next Magic Café where the Divine Rebels meet. 

In Wonder,



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