Celebrate Your Goals

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Divine Rebels are non-conforming change-makers. We are women here to make the world a better place through social justice, health and wellness, and our own inner powers. And we need confidence to help us achieve our important work!

What is Confidence?

You’ve already learned that the foundation of confidence is trust in yourself. It develops naturally when time and energy spent honing your skills grows into unconscious competence. This is confidence.

Ignoring Naysayers

Unfortunately in our culture, women are often told to tone it down, to turn it down. This is even what happened to the U.S. women's soccer team! When they won the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup--for a record fourth time--they had the confidence not only to celebrate their success, but to use this success to fight for women’s equality.

They embodied confidence. That's what I want for all of our women.

Make History

As they say, "Polite, well-behaved women don't make history." Your call as Divine Rebels is to make your own history.

Do the things that you want that are big. And on the way, celebrate yourself.

Unlock The Magic This Week: Celebrate Yourself

Celebration of your success is super important to building your confidence!

Stop for a moment and just celebrate everything you’ve done to get to where you are. Whether it be in business, in a hobby, or on your personal path of spiritual growth. Embrace it and embody it; hold it as a part of you and celebrate it.

You can even have a party for yourself! I have one client, Katie, who hosted a “Kick-Ass Dinner Party.” She and all of her ass-kicking guests talked about their accomplishments, and together they celebrated themselves and each other.

This is exactly what Divine Rebels are all about.



Join The Rebel Force

You can celebrate yourself with other Divine Rebels every month at The Magic Cafe--it’s free! I also invite you to sign up for my Rebel Force Coaching program to really hone your rebel skills and supercharge your confidence! Join the community, sign-up today!


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