Let Magic Happen!

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You know--you know when you've been struck by magic.

It tickles you. It's delightful.

It’s something you might never have thought could happen, happening.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Because magic is intangible, a lot of times it's dismissed as “woo-woo.” But magic is real and it is powerful. For those who believe in it, good things come.

Do you believe in magic? Do you want magic? Can you identify evidence of magic in your life?

You have to believe in magic for magic to come to you. It’s like there’s a fairy that sprinkles magic upon you if your door is open. If your door is closed, you're not going to get it.

Opening the Door to Magic

How can you open your door wider to allow magic into your life?

Magic comes when we embody childlike qualities like wonder and awe. Magic comes when we are curious, and open, and unafraid. The more you develop those qualities within yourself, the more magic keeps happening to you!

Magic comes with expecting new possibilities. Can you expect what you can’t even imagine? That’s magic.

Unlock The Magic This Week

Think deeply about the questions we are here asking today. What can you do to feel more wonder and awe and openness and curiosity? Where can you go to access those feelings? Can you step back and look at your life like a six-year-old would?

Start looking for those coincidences that happen. Like when you're thinking of a friend and at that same moment they call you. Those moments.

For your bonus this week, I’ve created a free 20-minute visualization you can use to help you access your core magic!


Magical Togetherness

In search of magic is the weekly challenge. Let's find it together. Join us at the Magic Cafe where we Divine Rebels meet and dive deep into these conversations. It’s free!


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