Thank You For Being A Divine Rebel

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The words “thank you” are a byproduct of gratitude, one of your superpowers.

Because gratitude is so important to your happiness, it’s always good to review. In fact, the more we keep gratitude in the front of our minds, the greater its powers grow!

Your Challenge of the Week: Write a Thank You Note

Writing thank you notes is one way to strengthen the power of gratitude.

You can accept this week’s challenge by writing just one for the week, or challenge yourself to write one every day! It can be a handwritten card, an email, or even just a text.

A Proven Mental Health Boost

The Greater Good Science Center, part of the University of California at Berkely, reports that practicing gratitude doesn’t just give you an instant mood lift, its mental health benefits actually last.

One study found that people who wrote thank you letters every week for three weeks reported “significantly better mental health” even 12 weeks after the study concluded!

The kicker, though, is that it didn’t work unless the people genuinely felt the gratitude in their body. That was the key. Simply writing or speaking empty words won’t do anything for your brain, (and therefore mental health.) You must really feel it.

What does gratitude feel like for you, when you really, truly experience it? Do your best to access these feelings in your body as you write your thank yous out this week.

We Are Always in Relationship

We're in relationship with ourselves, with others, with the world, and if you believe in a higher power, in a spiritual sense, you're in relationship with that, too.

So, you can write to the universe, to your spouse, to a friend, to whomever!

I also challenge you to remember to thank yourself. If you made time to meditate, or go to yoga class, or take a walk, or spend time with friends, or you pushed through a challenge at work--whatever it is, why not write yourself a thank you note?

Bonus Challenge: Say Thank You to Pain and Adversity

What if you could say thank you to a situation that you never asked for? A person that hurt you? Can you cultivate gratitude for the thinnest silver lining to the darkest storm cloud? Can you generate that genuine feeling of gratitude in your body for those pearls you must pull from the muckiest waters?

My Story

I’ve shared with this community many times the deep challenges of my last year. Now I want to share a story with you that goes back further, about 13 years ago.

First there was the death of a beloved, and it was a long, drawn-out death. At the same time, a newborn beloved struggled for six months just to be here. It was a very painful time for me, made worse when I realized that all the people I had given support to in the past weren’t showing up for me in my time of need. In fact, they seemed kind of pissed at me for not being strong.

In the end, though, as always happens on the other side of these dark moments we all go through, I learned so much more about myself, and gained insight and wisdom about life.

Thank You For Living Your Purpose

No matter what situation you’re in, you can always ask yourself: Am I living my purpose? Am I at least in pursuit of my purpose? Am I living my values and searching for my meaning?

If you are here, right now, part of this community of Divine Rebels, you are. This is enough of a reason to feel grateful and say Thank You to yourself. Can you feel it?

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for being a Divine Rebel.


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