Smile With Your Heart ♥


I know it sounds lightweight but it totally is not. A smile on your face doesn’t just brighten up your mood, it positively impacts the lives of those around you, too.

Your challenge this week is not only to smile more, but to notice all of your emotions, name them, and smile at them. Give them a little bit of love. 

Smile in The Face of Challenge

When life throws challenges at us, it isn’t always easy to smile through it all. But you've had challenges before. You have overcome so much. You're a Divine Rebel.

This week when a challenge comes, greet it with a smile. You can say, “Okay, Universe, bring it on. I've conquered so much already, and I always grow through it. I can do this.”

Smiling Changes Your Perspective

When you smile it changes how you feel in your body. You know that. You know when you're able to smile, that it changes everything, including how you are--not just how you feel--but how you are being on the inside.

I'm not saying ignore what's happening in your life, because that's not good. But whatever is going on for you, don’t be afraid. Smile at it.

A Smile is A Part of Being Kind

There is a little market close to me with an employee who is such a sour puss that I almost quit going there. “I would rather walk a half mile somewhere else where they smile at me when I walk in,” I thought.

But instead, even though I knew he wouldn’t smile at me, I chose to smile at him. Now he asks me how I am every time I walk in!

I’ve been on the other side of it too. There are days where I simply have to do things I don’t want to do. It makes such a difference when a random person just gives me a smile.

Challenge Tips

  • Smile at all of your emotions, positive and negative.
  • Try smiling from your toes up.
  • Ask yourself what activates your smile, and play with that! Put on a comedy special if you want!
  • Notice how smiling changes how you feel in your body.
  • Can you notice the effect of your smile on other people, too?


Smile Magic

Each month the Divine Rebel community meets at The Magic Cafe to connect and share. We talk about our challenges and our paths; we celebrate with each other! Sign up here for our next FREE meeting!


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