Spread The Gratitude!


What are you grateful for right now? Whatever comes to mind, say “Thank You” to that thing, or person, or experience. 

Your challenge for this week is that simple. Ask yourself at least once each day. 

The more often you practice gratitude the better! 



It’s important to strengthen your gratitude muscles, especially during challenging times. Gratitude helps us generate positive energy, making it a powerful abundance attractor. 

Living in gratitude brings so much joy, so much happiness, and so much more to be grateful for. 

My Story


This year I had a big tumor in my throat and two brain aneurysms. I had three surgeries, and after the second, there was a fire in my apartment! I ended up healing in a hotel room for almost a month, by myself as my husband had to work. 

During this challenging time of my life, my sense of gratitude carried me through. I kept myself in a positive, healing place, by remembering to be grateful just to have a bed to sleep in, to have food, to have friends come and visit me. 

(Going “back to basics” is always important when we practice gratitude.) 

Bonus Challenges!


Whether it be written or typed, keep a gratitude journal this week. You can choose to write it in first thing in the morning, or before bed, or both and even more often if you wish! Watch your feelings of gratitude multiply as you fill the pages. 

A Place to Be Grateful For


The Magic Cafe is a free monthly meeting for our amazing community of Divine Rebels to connect and share. Come to our next meeting, you’ll be grateful you did!


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