A Deep Breath To Keep On Changing The World


Just breathe. This week’s challenge is that simple: Just remember to breathe. But sometimes it really is a challenge to remember the simple things!


The Quickest, Safest, Most Natural Stress Reliever


We all feel stress, especially as divine rebels here to change the world.

With the work we do on ourselves and in our businesses, the world needs us.

Burnout is real; feeling overwhelmed is common.

Simply remembering to bring awareness to the breath even if only for a moment, helps restore a feeling of calm, think more clearly and make good decisions.

Your challenge this week is to use this power!


The Magical Breath


The respiratory system is unique because it works both voluntarily and involuntarily. If we had to think about breathing all the time, we wouldn't get much done. So we allow involuntarily breathing to keep us alive.

But we can also choose to control our breath, which controls other aspects of our physiology, (like heart rate and muscle tension,) reducing stress and anxiety on command.

When we feel stressed, we end up stuck in our heads, failing to access the full power we contain. Bringing attention to your breath brings you back into your body, re-aligning you with all that you are.


Slow Down, Get Present

When we take a good, deep, cleansing breath in, we literally and symbolically invite a little space to open. We become aware of our full selves and the present moment.

When we exhale, it calms the central nervous system and actually slows things down. Even two or three long, deep, cleansing breaths restore our bodies into calmness.

In calmness, we access our inner wisdom and make good choices.


Reminder: Breathe

Try setting 1-5 gentle alarms on your phone to really engage this week’s challenge; reminders just to take a few moments to stop and breathe. Restore yourself to your center, and see how these restorative moments change the progress of your days.


Challenge of the Week: Bonus!


For me, simple breathwork like this helps me access my heart. When I’m operating from a heart-centered place, I feel most fully myself.

Where in your body do you access yourself most fully? Maybe it’s your gut, or sacrum, or your throat.

Use the breath to help you find that place, and just know that this is best part of you to make your decisions from.


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