Be A Unique Divine Rebel... Be you!


'No matter where in the world you are, or what you're doing, you belong here, now. You.

There is a magic about you that is all of your own. Uniquely yours. You are unrepeatable.

You matter in our world, and you belong here and now, in this very moment.

In all the moments of your life, you belong, exactly as you are.

When you understand this deeply and truly, it unleashes the freedom and magic of being you.'

This week’s challenge explores exactly how to do that.


Who’s You?

Remember to trust that you are absolutely pure love, regardless of the shadow and the wounds. You are, at your core, a pure light of love, having a human experience.

It's okay to have doubts as you practice this trust. It's okay if you hide a little bit.

This week your challenge is just to come out a little bit more. Just a little bit.


Step by Step: Trust

Being a divine rebel, you're a nonconformist. Still, you've probably tried to conform somewhere in your life: at school, at work, with family.

Where are the places you hide? What would happen if you came forth with all of yourself fully?

Many of us try to hide our quirks. Newsflash: Everybody sees them. If they don't see them directly, they feel them. When you try to hide what others will sense anyway, it’s confusing. And when people feel confused around you, they tend to feel suspicious, too. So you being you is about trust, and honesty. It builds confidence and strengthens relationships.

This week, take just one step out of a place that you hide. The size of the step is up to you.


What to Expect?

I have a belly laugh that is really silly, and I was made fun of for it when I was younger. So, I learned to hide my natural laugh. With time, and using these practices I share with you, I re-learned to unleash my belly laugh. As soon as I did, I could see how much joy it brings to the world!

It’s common to hide things that the world needs; our gifts. Get excited to re-learn to be you. The rewards come so fast!


The 3 Steps to a More Authentic You

The clue that you're not being you is that there's a separation.

When we hide, there’s a little anxiety, or tension somewhere in our body or mind; a wall, a rigidness, a desire to be very, very separate, in order to feel safe from the perceived dangers of the world.

1) The first step of bringing your full self forth is to acknowledge when you’re not. When you feel that tension, allow the inner love that you are to calmly question it:

  • What am I holding back?
  • Why am I holding this part of me back?
  • What is the reason?
  • Is it fear?
  • Is it a wound that I’m not enough?
  • Is it the voice of someone else echoing back from long ago?

It’s normal for old wounds to repeatedly re-open. Even when we think we're over it, there's little bits that pop up every now and then.

2) Don’t judge yourself, only continue to question your hesitation with loving curiosity:

  • Is that true?
  • Is it valid?
  • Does my belly laugh [quirk] really make me less of a person?
  • What if it were true?
  • What difference does it make?

As you allow yourself to expand this process of non-judgmental curiosity, you will reach the place where you can get to a:

  • So what?
  • Who cares?

3) Breathe.

When you achieve this insight, take a deep breath. Our exhales really calm our nervous systems. So, take a couple of deep breaths to calm your nervous system and help you access your true self a little more.

The clue that you are being fully you is that everything is in harmony: Your mind, your heart, your body, your voice.

This harmony brings a feeling of ease about your world, and an ease about yourself comes forward. There’s nothing to apologize for. You get to just be you, because you belong.


Find Harmony With Others Like You!

If you are one of those souls whose heart aches to change the world, you’re going to LOVE Magic Cafe!. Share your experiences with this week’s 3-step challenge and more with other divine rebels like you! You're not alone on this journey. Sign-up for the next call here!



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