Let Your Inner Divine Rebel Rise


The word of the week is Rise. What does that mean to you, “Rise”? 

In the absence of challenges, you rise a little higher into your true self and to your better being. When challenges are present, you rise above them. Your challenge for the week is to remember this word “rise” as you encounter different challenges from life. 

To rise is to bring your vibration up more and to bring yourself more fully into awareness and love. 

How to Rise 


Sometimes before you can rise, you must go down first. Not kicked to the curb down, hopefully, but sometimes we stumble. That’s okay. Maybe your challenge is simply to rise a little higher above how you normally operate. Whatever it is you lean back on in certain situations, try to take it up a notch. 

Before you can raise your vibration, the first thing you have to do is become centered within yourself. That could be doing breathwork or meditation, or be movement-focused where you shake things out of your head and into your body and work them out at that level. But you have to be centered before you can rise. It could be just taking one deep breath and exhaling really slow to calm yourself down and to come into your heart. 

Getting centered and being heart-centered are essentially the same. The heart space is where we tend to learn how to live from our God place, the place inside of us that never dies, that is old and wise and has always been here. 

We all get challenges. We need to have the ability to bounce back, like a toy punching bag. Bounce back and rise up. This week, identify areas or certain tasks where you may have gone down, and accept the challenge to rise above. Visualize yourself rising up gracefully--not a boom boom boom, but a wooo. Lots of air, lots of magic, lots of buoyancy and resilience and just rise back up, get centered and keep going. 



The world needs you. You are a Divine Rebel doing good work in the world. Maybe the rise this week is where you need to take care of yourself because being a divine rebel and taking care of and changing the world can be tiring. So feed yourself, nurture yourself to rise up higher whatever that means to you, and tell us how it goes!



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