Be Wonder-Full!

Rebecca - WONDER

How can an experience of wonder help you in your life? Creating more opportunities to experience wonder is your challenge for this week. 

Do you remember those days that you were just free? Riding your bike all day, showing up at home just in time for dinner? Childhood is that precious time in our lives when the spirit of wonder comes to us so naturally. This week’s Challenge is to experience that wonder again. 

What is wonder for you? For me, wonder is about being able to let go of the seriousness of being an adult, to just notice the world around me with curiosity. It's about being present in a moment, open and free of judgments. 

What helps you feel wonder? I find it easily when I see a dragonfly or a hummingbird in nature, or small children laughing. I feel a sense of wonder when I reflect on how my children have grown into adults that I really adore.  

Wonder is an important feeling for us to experience because it opens us up to notice the kindness and goodness that’s out there in the world. It’s about letting in the magic of life. How can this magic help you in your own life? 

For this week’s challenge: Make time to feel more childlike and present. See what else comes in when you open yourself up to wonder. Even a harder challenge is, can you do it at work? Even with your career and all that you're trying to achieve in the world, can you find moments where you can just sit and wonder? 

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