How To Feel Freer?

Rebecca - Freedom

Today the topic is “Freedom”, such a big word, and such an important concept. Let's get right into it!

Locked In Our Own Prison

Let’s start with what is NOT freedom. For example, feeling bound or imprisoned, when there is something not allowing you to get what you want and to be who you want. It is easy to build your own cave and become a victim of your mindsets, and those caves are built with the help of people that are not kind to you or told you you couldn’t do something. 

Sometimes freedom means taking a completely new path to get what we really want.  Making a radical change in our life might not be easy, and therefore we need to get the courage to unlock the door of our own cage, we have to believe in ourselves to escape.

This has happened to me many times, I have been in situations where I kept my mouth shut even when something was crushing my own values, to fit in, to not rock the boat, and that's really hard for a nonconformist.

You Have The Key To The Prison Cell

Once you have reached and turned the key on your prison cell, you are able to unlock a pathway, walk out and never go back into that prison

Set yourself up for success by setting achievable goals.  

 First, look at where you feel free in your life. Is it where you live? Is it that you get to travel? Is it that you have friends and family that you adore? Is it in your work life, your career?

Secondly, whatever it is that makes you feel free, go for it. It's liberation to get rid of the jail of doubts, fears, and judgment. Try to blend the two, feel free in everything you do.

Sometimes it is just taking off a label you have put on yourself. 

I had a client who had been through a really rough time, she went through the dark night of the soul. She woke up one day and decided she has left behind the painful days, she had healed from that day onward and looked at her life differently. She liberated herself by just changing her thought process.

Where do you feel liberated? Where do you feel free and what creates that sense of freedom for you? What did you have to overcome “the prison”? Whether it was your thoughts or your physical reality or your spiritual world, whatever it was that helped springboard you to feeling free, celebrate that. Celebrate it because you can do it in other areas. 

So look at where you do feel liberated and focus on that feeling of openness and possibilities. Feel free.

You don't have to dig deep, just put your focus on that feeling. 

You can journal about how it feels.. or paint it, or sing! You can give “freedom” a form, a sound, a color to help it manifest into your 3D reality.

That's what I want for you,  to feel completely liberated in every area of your life.

• • •

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