How Laughter Can Help You Shift Perspectives

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This week topic and challenge is “laughter”. I love to talk about this, because as divine rebels and change makers it is always necessary to remind ourselves of the power of laughter. 

The old adage says “laughter is the best medicine”, and it is so true and important to bare in mind in our daily life.

Take Laughter Seriously!

Sometimes, especially when we are going through difficult times, we tend to forget about laughter, and it’s then when we need it the most. 

When life gets complicated and we feel overwhelmed, we get stuck in the problems, we push and push and feel things are not moving, that is exactly when we have to make a pause and it doesn’t mean we are taking things less seriously.

I would like to tell you a little story.

Recently I had three surgeries, after the last one, on the day I left the hospital, we got home and our apartment building was on fire. All I wanted to do was putting on my jammies and go to bed, but I couldn't do that. A few weeks later, I was recouping in a hotel room and one of my best friends came into town to visit me. That evening we laughed so hard until we cried, it went on for 20 to 30 minutes.

 That was a tremendous stress relief to my body and my mind and gave me a new perspective.

Taking a moment to laugh is like taking the blinders off and step back

Laughter is effervescent, it fills your whole body, it gives you energy and releases tension. This is why laughing is really good to help change the way you're seeing something. 

Some other times you need to cry, and I invite you to do so if you feel like, to get it out of you, that is another very helpful resource to release hollowness in your body.

Many of my clients get really caught in their personal growth. They may feel overwhelmed, or the typical “growing pains”. Yes, doing the work to the next level can be tough. Yet, it can be fun. You can laugh your way through it and ride the flow of carbonated holiness into your growth. 

Make Your Appointment With Laughter! 

This weekly challenge is for seven days, is to see where you can find laughter, to go deeper into laughter and see where you can strengthen the muscles.

We take ourselves so seriously, especially you, divine rebels, and change makers, you're working on making the world a better place and you find a lot of injustice that brings sadness and stress.

A lot of life is serious, but we forget that none of us are gonna get out of here alive, and we act like we're going to. So stop, take a minute, call a friend and say “I need a good belly laugh, help me out”, or watch a 2-minute silly video, or whatever you need to get out of that heavy, weighted mode. 

Your moment of laughter might not come all of a sudden some days, so you have to take action, and make room for it.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that shows that laughter improves quality of life, emotionally and physically. So you have to take it seriously and start enjoying the benefits today.


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