Bring Some Magic To Your Life!


Today’s topic and weekly challenge is one of my favourites, “Magic”,  where you can find it and how you can make your life more magical. 


What is magic?

Magic is not tangible or measurable, therefore it tends to be disregarded in our societies, while other cultures really honor the unseen forces.  Magic is something that can be elusive at times, because we can’t put our hands on it, and that is why it’s a concept that I really love diving into.


I wish I could give an exact definition. What I can tell about magic is you know when it is there, and it is delightful. When you've been hit by magic, there is nothing but just sheer delight, I can't think of any other words besides just delight, laughter, wonder and joy, all mixed into one. 


I have a great story about a big magic experience that can help as an example, and I am sure it will make you think of a magic anecdote of yours.

My husband used to travel a lot, a few years ago. He was a consultant and traveled at least 50% of the time. I could travel with him because I do my work via phone or video, but getting tickets for two people was hard. 

One day, he got a notice that he had a companion airfare. At the beginning we thought it was a one-time thing, but it turned out to be that he had traveled so much, that a person could go with him on any flight, for free, for 14 months! So I got to fly with him for more than a year, without any cost, on any plane on Southwest. It was something that we didn't even know was a possibility, and that was a magical moment, and a big one.


 It's usually very unexpected, so some people still say lucky and kind of pass it off. And yes, luck is in there. I’m not saying, all magical experiences are gonna be like that, but magic is afoot, and I challenge you to be in pursuit of it and open.


The importance of believing 

I like to think about magic as a kind of irreverent fairy, that's looking to sprinkle magic on you. If your door is not open she can't come in, so she'll go to the next person.


I think magic is important, because when we're not open to it, our challenges can be overwhelming, and we can feel stuck. It's hard if things aren't moving, and we don't know where to go. It's almost like a small prison that you can barely turn around in.


Before going any further, I want to say that I am fully aware of people’s suffering, here I am not pretending to ignore it, there is unimaginable suffering going on, and some of it is just around the corner. While this can be paralyzing, and we may feel like disengaging with the world, almost like just going into bed and cover-up, as divine rebels, we need to help change the suffering, and that is what most divine rebels are doing, figuring out ways to be of service.


The challenge of attracting magic into our lives

Magic happens in small and large scales, it happens all the time, all around us. I think we tend to recognize it only when it‘s big, but it is full of little, mundane magic moments. Walking outside your front door and looking up into a beautiful, blue sky or watching a hummingbird fly by, or a bee in a flower. Those are moments of magic, when you're present, in gratitude and wonder. They are life-affirming magic moments. 

When we see the small, mundane daily things as magic, we open the door for the bigger things to come in. Just crack and watch and see what happens. And for those of you who have gone on the other side of the door, just stay open to the possibilities. Magic is out there, and it's real.




Join us for the Magic Cafe calls. It's where divine rebels meet and we all get to throw a topic like magic on the table and talk about what it means to us, what it doesn't mean, people's experiences, and it's always fun because different people show up. Sign-up for the next call here! And then, we have a group coaching program that is a rebel force to be reckoned with, so check it out and I'll see you soon. 


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