Flex Your Confidence Muscles!

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Today’s topic is “Confidence”. Where do we get it? What is true confidence? What is the difference between ego and trusting your gifts? What is stopping us from being self confident?


Be aware of your skill sets and trust them! 


I think with most of my clients what happens is that they are afraid of being egotistical or narcissist if they are really confident. There is a difference between ego and just trusting yourself and admitting you have gifts.


Everyone has different and unique potential. In my case I have intuitive gifts, I don’t know why I know things, but I know them and I am learning to accept it and not fight it. I can read people, I can see what they need. This is my gift, and it is not different than having the skill set of accounting.  


The things that can’t be taken away from us are our inner assets. Either things we have innately, came to us naturally,  or we gained through effort.

 If we woke up tomorrow on a remote island, without anything,  and we don’t speak the language of the inhabitants, what do we have? What skill sets do we have? We have what is in us. That is what we truly have, and that is not ego. So I am not talking about putting on a mantel of false confidence to wow them all, but just to show up as what we are.

We are afraid of giving ourselves permission to say that we are great at something and we are also afraid of admitting what we don’t know.


It’s Ok to say “I’m amazing in this way”, but it is also ok to admit that you don’t know,I’m not an expert there, but I'll try to contribute , giving the floor to someone who might have those skill sets. Humbleness is the art of learning, accepting what you don’t know and being able to say it, is also a sign of confidence.

 It is all about trust, not a second doubt at it, owning what you really have as you walk into a room. “This is what I'm great at”, It's so amazing when you hear it! One of the things I said to a coach of mine recently was, I have so many people who love me, and it wasn’t said in it everybody loves me. That is confidence and it has a little bit of wonder in it and it is unshakeable.

How do I build confidence?

This week my challenge for you is to build your confidence. Think about what you know you know you know, that can never be taken away from you. Focus there and see where it might expand. It is like working out, the more you work out with it and the more you are confident with what you know and what you have that makes you YOU. The more you trust it, the more it expands.



Have fun, be kind to yourself, and check out my program “Divine Rebel Mastery” where along with a force of other Divine Rebels you will gain inner mastery for outer impact and freedom. Starting in January for your new decade AND I am offering scholarships!


Big love,

Rebecca xoxo



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