Bite-sized Actions To Change The World


Today I’d like to talk about “service”. Where do you serve your community? And why is that important? 

Most of my clients have a “service heart”. They've started companies that will be of benefit for their community, or the world at large. 

If you’re like my clients, maybe you have the need be of aid to someone less fortunate, or you feel grateful for the things you have and want to give back. But where to start? The common assumption is that you should charitable for a cause you resonate with. And while that is always a kind thing to do, and it certainly helps, donating your time or expertise can also be very rewarding.

Personally, I give back to the Coaching Fellowship, and coach young women between the ages of 25 to 35 who are changing the world. 

The Coaching Fellowship selects between approximately 100 young high potential women leaders to receive executive-level coaching at a reduced rate so they can focus deeply on personal and leadership development, attaining their goals and changing the world in the process. 

I’ve been given so much by this community, and it feels so wonderful to be able to give my time for brilliant women the same way that other people have given their time for me.

It can be a beautiful cycle in which we help each other become our best selves and in the process, we end up making the world a better place. It hits all of my values, in many ways! 

However, this way of giving back is very much related to my journey, values, and desires. What are your values? What would you love for your community? 

Set Yourself Up For Success By Starting Small

I invite you to try and serve in a way that makes your heart sing.

However, don’t let this be another task on your to-do list and get overwhelmed by the mere thought of it! Set yourself up for success by starting small. 

You can donate your time once a year! That’s great! Don't dismiss it. 

Where ever you choose to start, I’m sure you’ll find that it will create a beautiful and rewarding impact in your life. 

Ask yourself what small thing can you do in the next week that challenges you. Is it dropping a blanket to a homeless person? Is it reaching out to some local community? There's so much you can do! Whatever it is, it has to mean something to you and your values.

Look inside, and ask yourself,  where can you make the difference? Where do you want to make the difference? That's where it's going to have an impact. Where do you want to see the world a little better?

Sometimes You Just Need To Show Up 

Some time ago, I was having a really hard time. I was struggling on every front. It was truly the dark night of my soul.

I had a friend, who called me in the morning one day, she could tell I wasn't doing well, and she came to my house.

She just sat with me. She didn't need to talk. She didn't need to try to change my mind. She didn't need to try to make me feel better. She just showed up. 

She taught me a huge lesson that day. Sometimes, people in crisis, don't need you chatting at them, or trying to talk them out of hurting. 

They need somebody who loves them enough to just simply show up. 

So, you might know somebody who just needs some company for an hour or a hug. No matter how busy you are, you could do that for someone today, in a window of five minutes.

Can you imagine if we all did that for someone? 

That, my friend, could change the world. We don't need to go out and change the world on a huge scale. We can do it on bite-sized actions. You can be there for a loved one, right now where you are. Showing up as yourself, wholeheartedly, for someone else in service. 


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