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Carbonated Holiness To Overcome Epic Disasters


Our conversations:

Transitioning into a new career is wonderful, exhilarating and fun, especially since I know without a doubt it is so very right for me.  There are a few challenges however - the first one being...BIG GULP....creating a website.

Now, I can do many things but create a website?  It is so far out of my realm it is not even funny... it’s like telling the cat “hey, if you want to eat, there is the can opener.”   So what have I done about it?  I have resisted at every turn.  I have done everything but actually create the website. Even when I KNOW I need to do it, that it is really important I get it done.  Every day when I go to bed it is nagging at me... I SHOULD have done it today... and I shudder thinking I HAVE to do it tomorrow.  This has happened for longer than I care to admit.

So while I was out on a long walk today trying to avoid what I ‘should’ be working on  -  my mind kept chewing on the word ‘conversations’.  By this I mean who we talk to and in what manner;  Do we engage in conversations with others that serve, that actually make a difference?  Or do our conversations fuel negativity or our own ego?

As I was pondering this, it suddenly hit me.. BAM! ... my conversation with myself was a disempowering one.   I saw that I have been stuck in "I shoulda coulda woulda" and "I need to" and I know I don't want to live there.  Just seeing this for one moment allowed me to give it some space.  And with that, I realized that I WANT to create my own website and I WANT to actually learn how to build it instead of depending on others to do it for me. Most importantly - I WANT to launch!   What a sense of relief my whole body and mind felt once I hit upon this.  I even had a stirring of  excitement in regards to learning a new skill.


So while I am working on my website… yes, really!!.. I want to ask you: where are your conversations with yourself today?

Are you beating yourself up over things you “should” be doing?

Can you turn your thoughts ever so slightly, enough to cause a shift that turns your shoulds into at least a doable want?

Is there a place in your life where you can be better served by getting your inner critic out of your way?

Maybe just start with being kind to yourself today. After all, life and maybe some delightful walks are out there waiting for you.

Carbonated Holiness To Overcome Epic Disasters

Rebecca England

Carbonated Holiness is the presence of joy, laughter, wonder, freedom, and gratitude in our lives. When we practice carbonated Holiness we have an inner peace within us no matter what happens around us. Other people recognize it because there is a lightness about us that cannot be dimmed. The last 4 months have tested my gratefulness and the last 3 weeks have deepened my conviction of living in Carbonated Holiness.

Last year I went through a period when I was always tired. I’d thought that my thyroid was swollen so I went to see my doctor, who ran some tests. It looked like I had a hyperparathyroid ( whatever that was ) and it would have to be removed. While preparing for the specialist, I had a CT scan that revealed it was GI- normous!

You know something is up when the tech gets up and runs out of the room, right? This tumor was the size of an ORANGE not your normal olive-size tumor! After all of the smart medical scientists figured out what it was, I was assured it was benign. Phew!!

I thank my lucky stars for that big ol’ tumor. Why? Because the CT scan also revealed that I had some aneurysms in my brain, that I would’ve never known were there if I hadn’t come in for my gi-normous benign tumor. Funny how that turned out, right? Gratitude and wonder are my companions daily.

I had surgery for my right side in December and the final surgery on the left side in January to treat them.

If you’re thinking that was the challenging part, buckle-up: I was released out of the hospital in tip-top shape after my left side’s aneurysms were treated.

My husband and I were happy that I was released early and we were joyous to think I’d be home in my bed by 11:30 am. Off on our merry way we went.

As we arrived we could not help but notice fire trucks and police men everywhere. They had just put a fire out in our building! YIKES! To say we were shocked is an understatement.

We were displaced due to the fire damage. We’ve been back and forth to an airbnb and a hotel for the last 3 weeks as I heal with no prospects to go back home for the next 8 weeks.

The day after I was originally released, I was admitted back into ICU for a lung hemorrhage with a 3 day stay. Pretty epic stuff.

So How Do You Overcome Epic Disasters?

Believe me, I’m not trying to make you feel bad for me. A few people that know my story have asked me how am I still standing. These lovely beings called forth this love letter to Carbonated Holiness.

I have made the life I want by honoring my values. I’ve been through many epic events that have been much more enjoyable, yet, to live epically you need to embrace both sides of the epic coin ;). There is always a gift that arrives no matter which side of the coin you find yourself living through. You get to choose your diamonds. Honoring my values of Truth and Freedom has given me supportive friends and a loving family who are my gems.

1) If You Need Help ASK For It!

I needed my friends and family BIG time. Thank Goodness I was showered with support and genuine kindness by people that knew what was going on.

It’s not an easy thing to ask for help, but if people don’t know they can’t be there. The aid I received was irreplaceable. I am grateful to my bones and in wonder, gratitude, and joy at all of the amazing kindness I have received.

2) In Times of Chaos Beware of Energy Hijackers

You know those people who would create drama or give unsolicited advice? Inexplicably, it’s all about them?  You know who they are, those hijackers...

In a crisis you need people that will show up only to support you, no hidden agenda whatsoever! It is okay to have boundaries. Actually, I have found it is absolutely necessary to have boundaries in order to keep those hijackers at bay. This gives us freedom from worrying about what they will do next. This is mandatory for carbonated holiness to be able to thrive and to grow.

3) Focus On The Important Things And Let The Rest Go

I’ll admit, this one is  still uncomfortable for me. I want to get things done and see results. Grrr!

I had to take over 2+ extra weeks off to heal. I needed time to get to where I can think well and not mess things up with my scattered mind. It was not the end of the world to let things go, or what I love to say now and forever more is “it’s not brain surgery”.

4) Humor Helps

Keeping things light can work magic everywhere and laughter is proven to be healing. Look for the absurd (because it IS there ) and hang on for dear life to it! Some of the best medicine I received is one night of laughing with a beloved friend… tears streaming down our faces and stomach muscles aching from the laughter: THAT is carbonated holiness.

Carbonated Holiness can be a muscle you exercise daily and in trying times, you can relax into it as a second nature, and trust in your heart that it will all be resolved for the highest good with unexpected jewels for you to treasure and carry with you on this journey of life.

Joy, laughter, wonder, freedom, and gratitude to you,