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1401 Park Ave. #505
United States


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The benefits of Deepening your Mission and freeing your heart….

UNIQUE METHOD designed for Divine Rebels

My style is combining my skill set with my innate gifts. My coaching calls you into integrated empowerment that moves you forward and expands you. This accounts for 60% of our time together while being a guide to shine light on your journey is 30% and my natural sharing of what I have learned (teaching) is around 10%.  

You will walk away with YOUR own personal roadmap created in YOUR way that will accomplish your change-making mission in life joyfully.

You will attain Inner Mastery + Outer Impact with freedom and joy.

Freedom from self doubt. Freedom from frustration of what is next, Freedom from beating yourself up. Freedom from squeezing your self into the box of conformity. Finally!

SUPERPOWERS For Guiding Changemakers:


I create Joyful Magic in my ability to do deep profound work with you while keeping it light. Growth sucks sometimes and can be challenging to say the least. I’ve learned the hard way (too many times) that it does not have to be so rough on us. Learn the tools you need to avoid the suffering and grow with a free joyful heart instead of kicking, screaming, suffering, and being pulled to your destiny. Carbonated Holiness= joy, awe, freedom, laughter, and gratitude. The possibilities of living in carbonated holiness is limitless.


I have ALWAYS had a heart for women. This allows us to connect instantly and the foundation of trust is laid so you can jump on and go!


From reinventing myself many many times from both pain and joy I have learned many lessons. The good news is you can streamline your learning for an ease of empowerment. I am free of judgment knowing we each have our own path and that becoming a unapologetic divine rebel is really TRUE liberation.


I use all of my senses in service to my clients for their self discovery. This ignites quick, deep, and lasting transformation.


I have always been a magnet for others to be themselves safely. I create that container for all of my clients. This makes your exploration easier, open and honest. You will find that your change-making mission becomes clear and of course accomplished.