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533 Ashland Ave.
Santa Monica Ca 90405


About Me

As a creator you have achieved so much already, yet you might not be sure what is next and you are frustrated… If true, then this is great news! This is a sign of growing pains and means that you are ready for something more that is in tune with your rich inner life.

I have reinvented myself many times. I have created successful models of business while being a single parent. I have had the pleasure of working over 61,000 hours with women aligning their inner beauty with their outer beauty. I know women’s hearts. I LOVE their brilliance. I celebrate their successes.

I admit I was not always able to stay in alignment with my own values at times. I know the suffering that this brings and what it’s like to wake up wanting to change your world. I also know the incredible carbonated holiness that happens when your outer world reflects your inner world.

As Creators + Divine Rebels we keep growing and we can grow through pain or we can grow through acceptance. I invite you to vote for the joyful way!! ( it is way so much more fun)

Your choice because baby you are going to grow either way.

As a changemaker you are crazy strong and driven to do good. It is time for you to not doubt yourself anymore and to be as solid on the inside as you appear to be outwardly.

In our culture we are taught many untruths about ourselves as women. No matter how crazy strong I was or how much good I did in the world I questioned myself at times or even a lot. It was like I was never enough or I was too much. I have resolved this ( mostly) by embracing all of the parts of myself. Think of Diane, wonder woman. She is an amazon: a warrior, a fighter for truth and justice with no apology. She is also fiercely feminine at all times. A true Goddess. This is my wish for you the changemakers of our times.  Deepen your mission with a free joyful heart.

I promise that you can find your focus again, that you can have greater impact than you can imagine today, and that you can do it your way with “Carbonated Holiness” which is equal parts joy, wonder, laughter, freedom, and gratitude.  

As a Divine Rebel you might be still under the shadow of conforming… there’s more out there than the box you’re operating in.

You belong. You matter. As with many divine rebels I thought I was the black sheep of the family for years, then I thought I was the only white sheep to now knowing I am a Divine Rebel who belongs anywhere in the world that I happen to be. I no longer apologize for non-conforming, it is a strength... a sheer wonder-filled strength. We are seekers, we were born this way. Embrace the Divine Rebel that you are. The world needs you to show up as you are meant to be.

About me:

Teenage entrepreneur ( Divine Rebel, Creator)

Young Mother  ( Creator)

Divorced ( Changemaker, Creator, Divine Rebel)

Single parent ( Bad ass on a mission)

Successful Entrepreneur (Changemaker ,Creator, Divine Rebel)

Successfully changed careers ( Creator)

Mentor ( Divine Rebel, Creator, Changemaker)

I give back - always where it is appropriate. I am currently a volunteer coach at The Coaching Fellowship- a community of young women leaders changing our world.

In a loving healthy romantic relationship - took me awhile to get it right ( Creator, Divine Rebel)

Yogi ( joy)

Paddle boarder ( joy)

Move an average of every 3 years to a new city ( Changemaker, Creator, Divine Rebel, Belonging )

Unwavering Belief in the goodness of people ( Divine Rebel, Changemaker)

Champion of women and children ( Changemaker, divine rebel)

Dark night of the soul survivor ( Fierce Divine Rebel)

Non conforming work models / Hybrid work models ( Changemaker, Creator, Divine Rebel)

Beauty seeker ( Creator)

Spirit seeker ( Divine Rebel)

I have spent over 60,000 hours working with women ( Changemaker, Creator, Divine Rebel)

Nature Lover - my go-to place ( Divine Rebel)

I made a mess of things from time to time ( okay, A-LOT! I was being a rebel without yet knowing that I was Divine)

If you’re determined to step into your purpose, reach out by emailing me today at    

 Here’s to you and to your magic,


- Joyful Rebecca PCC CPCCA