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1401 Park Ave. #505
United States


About Me



By the time I would have graduated high school, I dropped out, earned my GED and graduated from beauty school to become a licensed hairstylist.


Looking back, I guess you could say I had the early drive of an entrepreneur! 


Growing up in a small farming community in Southern Oregon, the conservative, small town culture never served me while I was growing up. Thankfully, I was able to channel my rebellious nature into an outlet of business that allowed me to express myself creatively, and learn how to serve people kindly. In doing so, I began to step into my own power.


Determined to become the best stylist ever, I worked for about 8 years in salons that were… just okay. 


But I knew there was more waiting for me, and began to feel like I wasn’t living up to my potential. 


In my personal life, I had married young and had my two children by 23. While I worked hard to serve women and become the best stylist that I could be, the small town environments in which I lived felt suffocating for my spirit. I felt more and more isolated in my town, my work and my marriage.


As the years passed, a miracle occurred: I discovered other stylists like me who were “small town” women yearning for a bigger stage. 


They carried a larger world view, fiercer and more loving than anything around me. Their energy, passion and determination was completely disruptive to any of the small town norms that were expected of them -- expected of us. 


I realized that I was one of them. 


That this was my tribe. 


And I was determined to make real change happen with them by my side.


We started a salon together. I started to learn how to be a smart businesswoman, not only a great stylist. We broke a lot of rules and turned vision into reality by just doing it -- without permission, and no fear to stop us. 


From over-the-top customer service, cultivating a beautiful business atmosphere, and invigorating fresh young styles in our work, we made waves. 


I was printed nationally for my work. I began educating and mentoring talented upcoming stylists across the country from basics of brilliant hair coloring to how to build a business that really rocked. I was always sought out by newbies to the biz, and I loved assuming the role of coach and mentor.


I took business classes, stretched myself beyond my boundaries and used trial and error to learn and grow. 


My kids were growing up and my business was growing too. But I still needed to take another leap of faith. It’s not easy to choose to be reborn, all over again… but when several life events shook me to my core. I lost a beloved through death, and had a near death experience with my granddaughter. Looking death in the face changed me. It was a spiritual awakening in a sense.


Even 12 years after my divorce, I knew I needed another major evolution. 


My eyes became open to my life. I still loved parts of what I was doing professionally, yet the outside trappings of success did not feed my soul.  Even more heartbreaking to me was the realization that many of my relationships didn't either. 


I had become too focused on my image and all those trappings (as nice as they were!) and that my life was no longer in alignment with who I was on the inside now.


When I was at my darkest hour, I had to really look hard at what I had created in my life.  It was time to get honest with myself and live my life in a way that had real meaning for me again.


I knew I needed to make big changes and lay the complete foundation for my life to finally take course as I demanded. And, I was terrified.


I dropped into a very deep place of listening and only did that which was right for me... Knowing that the quiet still voice of mine was true for me. I began to follow a path of really deeply listening to myself, not only to my thoughts, but to my body, my heart and my dreams -- lucid and not. 


As I stripped away from me that which did not serve me any longer I started to add what made my soul and heart sing. 


Slowly with each step I gained confidence and was surprised at what my heart was yearning for and what I really wanted. 


It was difficult, yes, but oh so necessary. I did not know where this was taking me but I did know it was taking me and I was on the correct path. I cried an ocean of tears that year. I think I had been saving all of my unshed tears over my lifetime to finally be released here.


Not one single day passed that I did not cry. 


Until I finally didn’t cry any more. 


There was a crack somewhere and I was able to see the beauty of our world again. Slowly and surely, I kept walking towards my future -- one that I truly held dear and continue to today.


I was mindful of my life and I arranged my world into one that now reflected the true me – the deep beautiful joyful me that was fully in alignment of body, mind, spirit and soul.




From what society or religion says they “should” be, and even what their own egos tell them they “have to” be.


My heart breaks that they are held captive by these things, and don’t even see their own incredibly beautiful souls. It saddens me the lies that so many women tell themselves in order to stop themselves from changing. 


I am here today to remind you of what you came here to create. 


Of the impact of what your true,  innate gifts could -- and will -- have on the world.


Do you dream of creating a business that invites like-minded souls into a successful, collaborative environment?


Are you ready to create a business where life-work balance is honored -- knowing that a service-driven practice can be draining at times for the providers?


Are you ready to say yes to a culture where everyone works as a team (even if they are independent contractors) and create a truly supportive, win-win culture with very little drama?


If so, I’m here to help you achieve these dreams. They’re possible. 


And I’m a living example of it.


I want to help you create a place of business where your peers, co-workers or employees can be professional and yet it not feel they’re living the grind. 


Just imagine nurturing a culture where the service flows organically and from love -- where there is little or no separation between life and livelihood. 


But, where do you begin?  


There’s the practical side of justifiable worries and fears from money to time.


With financial risks, should you start small, and expand later? Or really just go for it? There’s the fear of not having enough time for starting something new, let alone managing it all by yourself. 


But, sometimes worse, is how your relationships may be affected by pursuing your dreams.


Even well-meaning family and friends might not understand the dynamics of your business -- they bombard you with advice that is not applicable, and it sends your into anxiety and self-doubt. 


I know this feeling -- the secret, quiet terror that when you finally commit to making big changes in your life and business that your whole world may flip upside down and never recover. 


But the truth may be that you already feel this world-flip coming, whether or not you decide to choose it.

This is not a time to wait for life to turn your world upside down.


It’s a time to be brave. Strong. And smart. 


It’s time to feel clear and solid in your choices. Like you can do it! 


You want to feel free, yet remain present and mindful of how you are creating a business -- and co-creating relationships and that feel "right " to you. Yes, it’s possible to sustain a small business and that maybe it may even feel… effortless. 


Like magic.


When I work with women, we take a smart approach that’s full of soul-centered decisionmaking and heart-focused integrity. We step into bravery, strength and smarts and create a surefooted path to help you achieve your dreams.


When we work together, we will:


Come up with a vision statement and a mission statement (or we revisit them). Connect to your "why" and "how" of what you are doing, and serves as a continual reminder if you ever veer off the path. 


Identify specific goals and a timeline around achieving them


Identify where in the natural life cycle of business your business is currently, to brainstorm the proper strategies for moving forward


Identify your leadership style to really lean into your innate way of serving, while exploring other styles that can help expand your leadership skills and inspire greater business impact


Explore what inner assets and what outer assets are always available to you


Partner on ways to leverage those inner- and outer-assets to the fullest extent you can


Identify your fall-back operating system when you are in conflict -- this helps you expand your toolbox for dealing with problem situations, and expands your ability to react to workplace conflicts


Begin to put it all into action, feeling accountable to yourself and your dreams for finally “doing it” -- with my support to help you along the way.




Your peers and employees can be professional, cutting-edge and amazing at what they do -- and yet not feel like stuck in ratrace, or worried about their futures. 


When you start living the life you are meant to live, there is a spiritual pull that compels you to do just one thing -- that one thing that finally allows the Universe to open doors that you didn’t even know were there. 


When you surrender and step through one of the portal doors your life is one of love, joy, magic, ease, wonder and fulfillment.


That’s why I’m here.


Quit hiding your gifts. Finally accept them, and even embrace, them. No matter how quirky they may be!

Intersect your gifts with your wisdom. Unleash your strategizing mind and to take action to finally feel solid on your path.

Discover the intersection of mind, body, and spirit. Because that’s where true, lasting transformation resides.


When these things begin to loosen up in our coaching, I know that you will discover the wealth of innate courage to follow your true nature, instead of your doubt. 


Your love is meant to lead you, because love is what always triumphs.


I will help you harness your own power and positively change your world, so you can continue to repeat the process of giving, serving and helping others, over and over.


If you’re determined to step into your dreams, reach out by emailing me today at    


I’m the thought-partner and coach who can help you realize them, and I cannot wait to meet you, learn about you, and discuss your goals.


Here’s to you and your magic,


- Joyfully Rebecca PCC CPCC