Step Into Your Power!

Whether you’re a Divine Rebel just coming out of the cosmic closet, or a full fledged Change-Maker on your way to Mastery, there’s a perfect tool for wherever you are on your path.

Magic Café

Bring to light those little pebbles that get in the way of grace and carbonated holiness with this free, one-hour, group coaching session.

101 Breakthrough Sessions

Rebecca’s mix of innate gifts and unique skill set will help you set up a roadmap that’s a perfect fit for you and your mission.

Three-Month Group Program

Tailored for Change-Makers + Creators + Divine Rebels who are determined to step into their purpose with a free heart!

  • “How strange and delightful to discover that I am more than I ever realized! Life is more vivid, rewarding and satisfying with you guiding me along the path. You have amazing ability to draw out the truth in me!”

    Divine Rebel

  • “I really enjoyed our session. I feel that you have a great talent and I'm pleased to have been able to experience this on a different level. ”

    Change Maker

  • “Thank you for your magic moments!! They are very meaningful and real. Appreciate you. Surrounding you with Love.”


  • “Rebecca has helped me immensely! It’s hard to summarize the impact Rebecca’s coaching has had on my life as she has helped me in so many areas of my life. First and foremost, she helped me make the leap into entrepreneurship and helped me to do it in a way that I have moved forward with confidence in myself and trust in how things will evolve. So far everything is falling into place! And far beyond helping me with my business, she has helped me in my relationship with myself and those around me. She is an excellent coach who is genuine, compassionate and truly heart-centered.”

    Divine Rebel

  • “Each time I have a session with Rebecca her abilities to take me to those deep places, learn and shift amaze me. She has helped me dig into the reasons I hide behind that block my ability to move forward not only in my career but my life. The life purpose statement is deeply powerful and shifting – what a gift! Thank you Rebecca for helping me remove obstacles that are keeping me from walking my passion. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”


  • “My take away from working with Rebecca is the change in how I respond in the midst of conflict. It has been 6 months since I completed working with her and I still think of her questions. When I find myself in a challenging spot and recall the questions I find the solutions that help everyone involved win. It was well worth the time spent working with Rebecca. ”

    Divine Rebel


About Rebecca

Spirit-seeker, nature-lover, mentor, entrepreneur, mother and Divine Rebel with over 60,000 hours of working with women under her belt.

Rebecca can make your heart feel lighter with a few cherry-picked words that are designed to switch your focus from the outer world to your inner world, so you can tap into your own sources of wisdom within.

Her mission is to nurture women into their strongest, most aligned, badass self so they can beam their light into the world. 

"Embrace your gifts to better serve the world with joy!"

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